Client : City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Location : Edinburgh
Value : n/a
Invited Competition 2010

Competition entry to reorganise the Methodist Church in Nicholson Square in the centre of Edinburgh.
The proposal significantly improves the interconnection between existing spaces and creates a distinctly new and modern point of entry into the complex giving the church a more accessible and welcoming threshold.
Behind this glazed threshold between the two principal buildings in the complex, a new lift and stair are proposed that creatively provide links to all of the different levels in the complex from a single point of reference. This would greatly increase the legibility of the church and provide a focal space from which to approach all the others.
The proposal also utilises and external south facing courtyard by placing a new café and refectory space alongside it with new glazed openings.

6D Canaan Lane
Edinburgh, EH10 4SY
Phone 0131 447 1818